~ Nov. 2008 ~

Our Family's medical insurance HMO, Kaiser Permanente, refused to provide a prosthetic eye for Dean after their own malfeasance caused Dean to lose his eye;  And our Family had no  choice but to wait for better economical times to acquire one at our own expense, which would further involve the additional expense of a 2 week trip to  the mainland USA to get one fitted, molded and made.

BUT;  This summer (2008), unbeknownst to our Family;  Our most kind next door Neighbors Extraordinaire, Dr. Tim McDevitt and  his wife Candice had been working with an equally most kind silent benefactor and with Occularists / Friends of Dr. Tim's, to  assemble a team to provide Dean a prosthetic eye at no cost to our Family at all.  The results are linked below in a  newspaper article and discussion board:

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Please notify me if the newspaper retires the article.  I will duplicate it here if they do.  Thank You.

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INFINITE AND HUMBLE THANK-YOU'S TO THE MEDICAL TEAM (And the most-kind Benefactor who wishes to remain  anonymous):

Dr. Tim McDevitt, Eye Surgeon, and wife Candice.
Dr. Timothy McDevitt
Oculoplastics Center
1380 Lusitana St. Ste 708
Honolulu, HI. 94813

Ocularists Doss Tannehill (and Family)
Pacific Eyes of Hawaii
Kaimuki, Hi.

Kevin Schou, President
Ocular Concepts
Lake Oswego, Ore.

And the Benefactor that desires to remain anonymous.

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Because of a number of requests I have received from Medical and Legal Professionals and Kind People with acute  benevelant interests about Dean's challenges (ADHD and moderate Autism) and ordeal of physical and emotional pain, and Dean's remarkable strength and character through it all;  I am now  providing a link to Dean's ordeal webpage FOR PEOPLE WITH SUCH INTERESTS ONLY.

IF YOU HAVE A PROFESSIONAL OR SPECIFIC BENEVELANT INTEREST;  Then you can EMAIL me with your interests and I  will decide whether or not to provide the website of Dean's ordeal and the PASSWORD REQUIRED.  That archive is very  graphic and NOT for the "faint of heart".

Website link here for access convenience:

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Graduation from Elementary School;  June 2008.

                                                   Mom                                    Teacher                 Dean                                 Auntie Vel
Mr. "D"; 6' 5"                      Dean;  6'
Dean's 5th grade Teacher Mr. "D" was greatly responsible for ALLOT of Dean's academic and behavioral success. THAN YOU Mr. D !
Dean's new prosthetic eye.  Picture taken at Occularist's final fitting.
Of casual interest / intrigue;  Since Dean's self esteem had to deal with the tumor evermore forcing his eye out of his face from age 3 to 10, and then hemoraging into rapid growth in, around and out of his eye and socket to the point he had to wear bandages over his eye, .....and then deal with having all the tissues in his eye socket removed in 3 separate operations because the tumor was threatening entering the brain cavity, ....and a year of that open wound healing itself under bandages (a remarkably amazing and "miraculous" thing to see the human body know to grow facial tissues into the socket ! ), ....and thereafter wearing a band-aid type patch over his socket seen in the previous photos above (his preferred esteem mechanism, although I hand-made him a fine leather patch that Black Beard would envy);  Dean now has to go through a normal course of readjusting his esteem psychology to accept the prosthetic eye !  He actually prefers no bandage / patch around the house, or the band-aid patch when he goes out "in consideration of others" he says !  And the Doctors were spot-on predicting that esteem psychology adjustment progress back when his eye was removed.  A truely remarkable process and young man that I feel most blessed and honored to have God place and trust in our Family.

You go get'em Dean.  This world will be a better place having you provide it your wonderfully unique, abstract and eccentric thinking, ideas, expression and artful talents.

And Thank You God for entrusting us with 2 such remarkable Sons;  And for so many miraculous blessings on their behalf.

We can truely feel that Dean's medical crisis is over and that our future Family challenges are rather normal for Life.
Size 12 last June.  Size 13 today !
A mighty proud young man !